Convert Sunlight to Energy

Rebates, Rewards, and Discounts Await

Produce Renewable,
Clean Energy

1. Project Initiation

Solar Planet will give you the best options for maximizing your savings and minimizing your utility costs using solar energy from project initiation to completion.

2. Planning & Design

We ensure that we will provide you top of quality solar system built to last. We guarantee that our solar panels are durable and appropriate to your needs, keeping in mind the correct standard of solar panels for different housing situations and requirements.

3. Installation & Inspection

We are trained to secure the solar system we install an ensure they are well-founded and properly working. Post-installation, we are committed to assisting with any concerns and ensuring that your solar system is error-free.

Guaranteed affordable

We offer a
cost-efficient solar system

Our panels are proof that low-cost products don't mean low quality. We ensure that our cost-effective solar system delivers the best energy saving result. We believe that quality and being reasonably priced go hand in hand — and that's what we're doing here at Solar Planet!

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Best in both Quality and Style

More modern, sleek,
and long-lasting

Integrated hardware and simple design bring a minimalist aesthetic to your roof. We don't just bring style but also effectiveness in energy saving that's right up your sleeves!

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Purchase and Installation

We'll handle everything, from getting permission to activating the system. Following your purchase, we will gather remote aerial imagery of your house, design your system, arrange for any required permits, and arrange for installation.


24/7 Monitoring

With mobile 24/7 monitoring, you can keep tabs on your solar system wherever you are. Set your preferences for energy independence or keep an eye on your usage in real-time. We're bringing quality and convenience in one!